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Patrol Boat, River (PBR)

Coming Soon

PBR was the designation for small fiberglass patrol boats used in Viet Nam from 1966-71.  They had jet drive propulsion and could be used in the shallow waters of the Delta and the rivers.  The PBR 1 was 31 ft. long and the PBR 2 was 32 ft. long.  Both carried a variety of weapons and could be armed with .50 cal. Machine guns, 20mm automatic cannons, grenade launchers and or mortars.


Carrying a crew of 4, the PBR was an effective in keeping the enemy in check along the waterways.  (This was the type of boat in Apocalypse Now that transported Martin Sheen’s character in his quest for Col. Kurtz)

The members of the Model Shipwrights Guild of Western NY is currently building a 1/6th scale (5’1”) model of the PBR 1 for the Society.  When completed, it will have accurately scaled weapons and crew.  We will be posting progress photos as the build progresses.

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